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Our vision is to help businesses grow and improve, by using the very latest technology to make access to cash flow, headache free.

About us.

DueCourse was founded in 2014 by Paul Haydock, Jon Grove & Tim Borden. The three had each run their own small businesses in previous times, and experienced first-hand the lack of flexible, trustworthy and confidential cash flow products available to small businesses in the UK.

Cash flow fuels your business. And not having easy access to cash at the right times, often stands in the way of growth, which can affect your appetite for investment and ability to hire.

Most of the currently available cash flow products are just too inflexible, difficult to access and slow. And many require binding contracts, full debtor book submission, or even debentures.

There had to be a better solution.

So our team set about developing a brand new way of helping small and medium businesses take control of their cash flow. Using the combined power of new thinking and innovative technology we’ve developed an easy to use solution which allows customers to securely, selectively and confidentially unlock the money that is tied-up in their unpaid invoices, whenever they like.

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Strong, ethical, flexible &

  • DueCourse was founded in 2014
  • We’re on target to deploy £16.5m of advances by the end of 2016
  • The service is 100% confidential. Your customer will never know that you used DueCourse
  • Our pricing is completely transparent and there are no hidden fees
  • We’re recommended by hundreds of accountancy professionals across the UK. You can view some of our recommendations and testimonials here
  • We’ll obsessively protect your data, and never pass it on to a third party. You can view our data and privacy policy here
  • We welcome all feedback and suggestions about our product and service
"If you are looking for a company that can provide short term advances and can respond quickly; I would recommend DueCourse. I am impressed with their professionalism and flexibility; and most of all; their discretion and how they communicate with my clients."
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UK business development community.

We’re passionate about small businesses and driving entrepreneurship in our community. If you share our passion we’d love you to get involved in our networking events and collaborative PR activities. Not only will you be helping to develop the appetite for small business across the UK, but it’s also a great promotional opportunity for your own business.

You can register your interest here.

The Timeline.

Sept 2014
After extensive research into the nature of cash flow issues and how they affect small businesses, DueCourse was born.
Jan 2015
DueCourse raises seed investment to develop the product and to market it to freelancers and small businesses.
Feb 2015
The beta version of DueCouse is released and instantly picked by freelancers and small businesses as their cash flow solution of choice.
April 2015
DueCourse went live Hello World! DueCourse goes live!
May 2016
DueCourse rasies seven-figure external investment to build the team and increase amount of small businesses it can help.
Stay tuned for more of the DueCourse journey...
9 out of 10 companies who connect their accounting package can receive funds the same day.
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