DueCourse now available to Sage One users

Exciting news for all Sage One users, who now have far greater freedom to control their cash flow.

SageOne now fully integrated at DueCourse

DueCourse, developers of the innovative cash flow app of the same name announced on Thursday 26th May 2016 that, following extensive user testing, integration with Sage One is now completed.

Using the combined power of new thinking and the latest innovations in technology, the DueCourse product allows customers to free the money that is tied-up in their unpaid invoices, whenever they like.

It’s a simple, flexible, no-hassle service that is completely free to add to a cloud accounting package, with the added benefits of no contract, no on-going commitment, no obligation and no subscription fees.

Users simply sign-up at DueCourse.com, link their cloud accounting software, answer a few simple questions and then choose the invoices they want to release funds from.

DueCourse is unique in that the facility remains fully in the user’s control (no debentures required) with advance payments typically sent on the day of request.

What makes DueCourse different, and how will Sage One users benefit?

Selective cash advances. Each time you send an invoice, DueCourse will automatically offer an advance by email. But it remains entirely your choice as to which invoices you wish to release funds from, if any at all.

No contract. Your DueCourse account is completely free-of-charge to open, there is no contract and there are no ongoing subscription or account management fees. You can also deactivate the service at any time without penalty or hassle.

No hidden fees. Our fees are based on a daily rate and the amount advanced and are completely transparent. You will never pay more than you’ve been quoted and you can pay your advance back at any time, without penalty.

100% confidential. Our relationship is with you, so the end debtor will never know that you advanced their invoice with DueCourse.

Discretion at it’s core. DueCourse does not require debentures, and will not leave a mark on either a company or a personal credit record.

Flexes with your business. Over time, our customers find that the DueCourse service can match their growth needs and aspirations as cash requirements ebb and flow.

How do Sage One users sign-up?

To sign up to DueCourse and link your cloud accounting software simply:

  1. Sign up at DueCourse.com
  2. Link your Sage One account (there’s absolutely no obligation to take an advance once you’ve done this, and there is no charge to have the DueCourse app linked to your software)
  3. DueCourse will do the rest!

To find out more about DueCourse, visit www.DueCourse.com, or call us on 0161 710 2540 for a friendly, no pressure chat on how DueCourse can help you.

You can also find us on Sage Marketplace.

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