Frequently asked questions.

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Will I be tied into a contract?

There are no contracts or subscriptions with DueCourse and you are not obligated to take any advances we offer. DueCourse is there for your business as and when you need it.

Which invoices can I lend against?

We generally fund any invoices to UK companies.

Are you regulated by the FCA?

Invoice finance falls under asset based financing, which is not currently an activity regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, we take your safety and security extremely seriously, and all DueCourse processes comply fully with ABFA standards. You can find out more about the ABFA code of conduct here.

Do you lend to anyone?

We look at each of our customers on an individual basis to assess if we can lend to them. Generally speaking, we usually only lend to limited UK companies with a minimum of 3 months trading history.

How do I add my unpaid invoices to DueCourse?

Adding your invoices is simple. We are partnered with many of the top accounting packages, which allows you to add your unpaid invoices at the click of a button. Simply sign up, connect your accounting package and we’ll do the rest.

Is there much paperwork?

Actually, there is no ‘paperwork’, DueCourse is 100% online. The first time you take an advance there are a few setup steps you are required to complete. They include:- adding a bank account where you’d like your advances sending, adding a debit card to repay your advances + fees, a quick security check on the company directors, and our terms need to be digitally signed by the company directors. All of these steps can be completed in just a few minutes.

How quickly can I take an advance?

From setting up your free account to receiving your first advance takes as little as 4 hours. Once you are set up, advances are sent even quicker (within hours).

Will DueCourse leave a mark on my personal credit score?

No - DueCourse only looks at your business when assessing whether we can offer advances. Your personal circumstances do not come into play.

When should I repay my advances?

You should repay your advance(s) + any fees when your customer pays the invoice. Repayments are easy, they are done at the click of a button and debited from your bank card.

Is my data secure?

The security of your data is our highest priority. Your data is stored with 256-bit encryption making it extremely secure. We do not share any of your data with anyone else either. Our system uses your financial data purely to assess the lending risk against your unpaid invoices.

What data does DueCourse look at when I connect my accounting package?

We look at your invoicing information so that we can make effective lending decisions.

Will my customer know I’m using this service?

No, your customers will never know if any finance has been taken out against invoices as we deal only with you. Please note, we use a number of confidential methods to verify your invoice is due to be paid. We will always contact you before contacting your customer.

Can I repay the advance at any time?

Yes you can. You can repay the advance + the fees to-date at any time.

How do you take repayment of the advance + fees?

When agreeing to use this facility we require you to enter the details of a valid debit card which is linked to your bank account. Once you advise us that the invoice has been paid, we stop any further fees and deduct the advance amount, plus the fees to date, from your debit card.

What if my customer pays late?

DueCourse doesn’t get involved in the relationship between you and your customer, as our service is 100% confidential. You pay a simple daily fee for each day you have your advance. We then take payment back on your invoice, once it has been paid by your customer.

Can I disconnect my accounting package once connected?

Yes, disconnecting your account is easy and can be done with a click of a button. Simply go to the settings / addons page within your accounting package and click 'disconnect'.

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