How DueCourse works.

A step-by-step walk through of exactly what happens.

The easiest way to see how DueCourse works is to watch our video. It’s just 60 seconds long.
Create a free account and connect your cloud accounting package to DueCourse.
We plug seamlessly into Connect your cloud accounting package
Within minutes we’ll send you a no-obligation quote for the invoices you can free along with the fees for doing so.
We'll send you a no-obligation quote
Whenever you are ready, select the advance(s) you’d like to take. The funds are usually transferred the same day.
When you are ready, take an advance.
If it’s your first time using DueCourse, there are a few simple setup steps to complete before we can send the funds. They include:-
When your invoice is paid (or at any time), simply click ‘repay’ and we’ll debit the advance + fees from your bank card.
When your invoice is paid, repay your advance
9 out of 10 companies who connect their accounting package can receive funds the same day.
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