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How it works for your Clients.

How DueCourse works
Client connects their cloud accounting package.
How DueCourse works
Within minutes: we’ll let them know how much money they can unlock.
How DueCourse works
Choose any invoice and have the money in their account within hours.

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Send out your referral link to your clients, we'll track all your conversions in the background. We’ll keep you updated with your commission, which pays out each quarter.

Our Partners.

We work with accountants, bookkeepers, IFAs, brokers and cloud accounting providers across the UK, to give SMEs convenient access to cash flow, whenever they need it.

Frequently asked partner questions.

What type of businesses can use DueCourse?

We advance invoices from a wide range of businesses and sectors. Our ideal customers look something like this:

  • UK registered limited company
  • Small businesses (1-50 staff)
  • Use cloud accounting packages (Xero or SageOne)
  • Have outstanding unpaid invoices
  • Have overheads to pay each month (salaries, rent)
  • Have been trading for more than 3 months

How do my clients add their unpaid invoices?

Adding invoices to DueCourse is simple. We are currently partnered with Xero, SageOne, FreeAgent, Kashflow, QuickBooks & FreshBooks, which allows your clients to add their unpaid invoices at the click of a button. They simply sign up, connect their cloud accounting software and we’ll do the rest.

Can I earn commission through DueCourse?

Yes! We can pay a finder’s fee for each new activated user that is referred to DueCourse using your unique referral link.

How often is my commission paid?

If you choose to receive commission, we keep track of your finder’s fees - which are activated when your client pays back their first advance. Your fees are paid quarterly, and can be drawn down in a number of different ways.

What our partners are saying.

Gareth, Burton Beavan

"We recommend DueCourse to our customers as a quick and painless cashflow solution. A few clicks and they have the facility in place."

Paul, MyAccountancyPlace

"Invoice finance has built a bad reputation in past years, probably deservedly so. The days of the all or nothing "finance the whole ledger" are behind us and DueCourse are at the forefront of utilising the latest technology to give flexibility and transparency in funding your invoices at a fraction of the cost."

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